Using music's unique healing power, our programs translate the language of the heart to unlock each client's voice.
Our programs offer unique character education and violence prevention that no other organization offers.
Guitar Tree programs continue even when other agencies don't.
 The money you donate today will forever change the life of a woman, child, or family in need. 
Operating since 1991 and officially established as a non-profit 501(c)3 in 2002, Guitar tree serves the most neglected populations. Founded by award winning advocate, humanitarian, and musician Macheis Wind, Guitar Tree goes where other agencies cannot or will not; Guitar Tree offers programs where there is the greatest need for healing and empowerment.

Guitar Tree offers therapeutic, violence prevention, and character education programs to the most neglected communities and individuals, within at-risk populations. Guitar Tree’s programs are at work in domestic violence safe houses, women’s prisons, homeless shelters, orphanages, and public school systems. Through the power of music, the message of healing, learning, and empowerment is conveyed to thousands of children, teens, women, and families across the tri-state area.

Guitar Tree has partnered with corporate foundations, businesses, and social service organizations to give children, women, and families a voice and to keep them safe.
Healing Through Music Workshops—therapuetic workshops utilizing the powers of music to heal, inspire, and empower.

School Programs for Preschool to High School—Violence prevention, drug and alcohol abuse prevention and character education. Important information geared to reach the hearts of children.

Motivational Concert / Seminars—inspiration for college audiences, corporations, professionals, and community organizations.
"Extraordinary healing experiences…the power of music was never so evident."
—Peggy Ann D., Richboro Elementary School
"Music empowers and heals, and students need a safe way to express anger and pain. Our entire student body was inspired and informed as a result of the messages delivered."
—Dr. Howard A., Guidance Counselor

"...compassion and a true advocacy...unique abilities to instruct, heal, and empower."
—Parent Guide Magazine 

Guitar Tree is a small 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization that does very big work, bringing life-changing benefits for under-served and at-risk populations. The organization was founded by award winning humanitarian, advocate, and musician Macheis Wind, when he saw that agencies he worked through were limited—whether by funding parameters or umbrella organizations—and would cease programming at crucial points in a client's or group's healing work. Macheis sought to bring programming that would never quit on its clients, to demographics often in the most need and the most neglected.
New Jersey Association of Domestic Violence Professionals (NJADVP) 14th Annual Conference, 
Rutgers University  
Speaker / Workshop Presenter
Institute of the Arts in Healing -  Expressive Therapies International Summit, New York City   
Faculty / Speaker 
Rutgers University School of Law, Impact of Incarceration on Families: Advocating for Reunification   
Speaker / Panelist 
Macheis Wind, Executive Director
Macheis Wind is an award-winning musician, advocate and author, and the founder and director of Guitar Tree. He has spent more than two decades dedicated to bringing the healing power of music to children and adults in venues where trauma and emotional pain are intense and ever present – what he calls the “hidden worlds.” Macheis has developed many creative approaches to enhancing healing and empowerment in these volatile and complex settings. Often, he will create songs out of client’s lives and stories that are beautiful and powerful. He has written about this work in his upcoming book, More Than This: Music, Healing and the Triumph Over Violence.